Around 2011, Los Angeles saw the rise of a fresh new jewelry brand – BesoBeso. Launched by designer Jaqueline Brown, who was further aided by a young lawyer and entrepreneur, Christian Young, BesoBeso created the kind of jewelry that instantly caught up with the generation. Within a year, they were selling to over 150 stores across the US.

It was around this time that BesoBeso was acquired by the FD9 Group. FD9 Group is a US-based fashion incubator that is known for identifying the potential of small and emerging fashion brands and helping them in creating a retail presence in the wholesale and e-commerce space.  Funded by Dutch angel investors, it sought to create a unique presence in the budding Los Angeles startup space.

FD9 Group is primarily driven by the vision to provide support to small fashion start-ups through its proprietary internally developed mechanism. The group helps promising start-ups by providing creative insights that can help them survive in the fashion industry. Specialist consultants from the group empower small business ventures not only by sharing trend-specific actionable data that helps them keep up with the growing demands of the industry, but also consulting them on ways of distribution.

As venture capitalists themselves, FD9 Group invests capital in promising small businesses like BesoBeso and Coordinate Collections, helping them grow bigger by following lean manufacturing standards. Already in the business of acquiring start-ups, FD9 Group caters to clients from among the emerging and new designers.

Christain Young, President of the fashion incubator, in early 2013, helped develop one of the most famous jewelry brands under the FD9 umbrella – Coordinate Collections. Under his able leadership, the company did a revenue of $7 million by its 3rd year, boasting of a clientele which included the likes of Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, and Yolana Foster.

It was the constructive consultation provided through FD9 Group that finally helped this brand develop a separate identity for itself. It was later acquired by Reign Saphhire group as one of the best-known providers of customized memory wearables.

FD9 Group provides business consultation to start-ups in the world of men’s and women’s fashion apparel and accessories throughout the US and Europe. The main competitors of the FD9 group include Arcana, a brand development, and packaging design agency providing high-end creative service to the consumer products and goods industry; Deksia, a marketing strategy and implementation consultant group, and Viastara, a sales channel support firm specializing in providing export and distribution opportunities to Mexico and Latin America. 


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