The evicted Big Boss 11 contestant Zubair Khan has become an angry man, and now he is throwing tantrum on the host Salman Khan, and he has also given an open challenge to Salman of pulling him in the court for all the bad words that he used against him. The video of Zubair is going viral on the social media, where he is seen taking on, none other than, The Salman Khan. Please take a look what he has to say about his stay, eviction and Salman Khan in the Big Boss house…

On a Saturday, the day Salman usually takes a class of everyone from the Big Boss house, this time saw very angry on the Big Boss contestant Zubair Khan, so much so that, he made a statement that once Zubair comes out of the house, he will make him a dog. Of course, only Salman can dare to say something like that on the national channel, and most of the people in the industry have no doubt that what he says he does. But this time it looks like, Salman has taken a ‘Panga’ with the wrong man?

Zubair Khan became the most controversial Big Boss contestant in the first week itself, by opening the dictionary of bad words in the house. He did not spare even the female contestants, and his so-called links with the ‘D’ company remains on the top of the list. But, when it comes to Salman, who is a very powerful person in the industry, and capable of finishing someone’s career, which according to Zubair, he has it done it before several times. “I am not scared of Salman Khan, as I have nothing to lose, but he has everything,” Zubair said while talking to one new channel.


According to Zubair, his fight is with the channel and Salman Khan. “Who has given a right to Salman to evict me, he is not the saint, whole industry knows about him. Everyone knows, how many actresses he has physically tortured,” said Zubair taking the names of Vivek Oberoi and Arijit Singh, whose careers have been allegedly finished by Salman.       

He warned Salman to not become the God and decided the destiny of people, “I am the king of my own destiny, and he is not god to decide about my destiny,” asserted Zubair adding that “Who are you to decide, who is going to sit at home and who will work in this industry, just because your ego is not satisfied?.” He also addressed the Salman as a traitor citing his connections with the underworld and Pakistan. “He should go and stay in Pakistan, and promote the talent there. “Salman I am not scared of you ‘Beta’; I am not scared of anybody,” said Zubair adding that he is seeking a simple apology from Salman Khan and for that, he will approach the court.

The open challenge has been already thrown by the Zubair now we have to wait and watch what happens next. What do you think about this? Do you think Salman is right in what he did with Zubair? or Zubair Deserves what he got? Please share your valuable feedback on this issue of Big Boss Season 11.



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